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Elevate your candle-making experience with our high-quality Candle Accessory.Designed for experts and beginners alike, shop now at Fuxin Household.
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Material: This candle snuffers are made of stainless steel, it is not easy to rust, not easy to bend and durability, it is the most suitable for making scissors. Which contains a wick dipper, wick trimmer and candle snuffer.

Function: When are you going to light the wick, the scissors can help you be easily lit the wick, ensure your wick every time is clean, make sure your candle bright, more easily than ever before to use, it is really very convenient for use. And do not produce soot. Perfectly use to prevent wax flying off tip of candle.

Good For Home & Decor: Candle wick trimmer is a necessary accessory for home decoration cutting the wick after long use will prevent flickering champange gold smoke into your living room. Every candle-lover's favorite accessories -Utilitarian gift. Includes 3 stainless steel champange gold plated candle snuffers. It is the best gift to your family or friends.

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